Universal Sledjack. Lift your sled - Anytime. Anywhere.

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Ordinary stay at home snowmobile jacks are neither handy nor convenient, as they are seldom where you need them.

The patented Sledjack mounts permanently on your sled, this allows you to travel with it anywhere. Wherever your sled is, your Sledjack is there also - Right behind you, all the way!




Available in Canada & U.S.A.

Watch a video of Sledjack on Youtube. Sledjack makes lifting your sled Safer! 


Sledjack, your sled is up

  • Easily!

  • Anytime!

  • Anywhere!

  • In Seconds!

  • Guaranteed! 

Sledjack is not your ordinary Snowmobile Jack.

Sledjack is a snowmobile jack/stand combination that allows the user to raise the back end of the snow machine for warm-up, maintenance, storage, etc. Unlike separate conventional jacks and stands, Sledjack mounts directly onto the back of the snowmobile, making it available for use anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Sledjack is mounted underneath the snowmobile's footrest. When needed, you simply slide your Sledjack out, lower the stand and push down on the U-shaped jack handle to easily raise your sled with no strain to your body.


Benefits of owning a Sledjack

  • Attached directly to your sled and tucked up against the footrest, the Sledjack remains out of the way as it crosses over behind the snowflap the snow flap and under the bumper, keeping it from interfering with the hitch or sleigh tongue.
  • Easy to operate. In addition to its leverage, Sledjack's patented design uses the weight of your sled to help raise itself!
  • Prevents back injury by eliminating all lifting.
  • Reduces chances of being stranded due to belt failure.
  • Reduces chances of being stranded by allowing you to easily raise and clean your track when stuck in slush or deep snow conditions.



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